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Department of History and Theory of Sociology

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Department of History and Theory of Sociology
The Department was set as the part of the Institute of Sociology from the time of its foundation in 1990.

Scientific staff of the department:

Primary scientific interests and research topics:

  • the studies on theory, history and methodology of sociology;
  • theoretical-methodological and historical aspects in the development of the world and Ukrainian sociology;
  • sociological studies on social development, (post-)modernization, democratization and globalization;
  • studies on phenomenology and the sociology of life-world;
  • sociology of conflict;
  • sociological conceptualization of the post-Soviet transformation of the Ukrainian society‚Äôs development;
  • the issues of the development of sociological knowledge, reflection and expertise;
  • the interrelation of sociology with society and the power, the issues of public.