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Scientific research institute of Department of History, Philosophy, and Law of NAS of Ukraine, vhich conducts fundamental research in the field of sociology.

NASU Institute of Sociology is the leading academic establishment on the development of sociological science in Ukraine.

Content and character of Institute's scientific research are directed first of all to detection of legitimacies and main tendencies of social development of the Ukrainian society, reconstruction in scientific concepts of the modern Ukrainian society's dynamic image peculiarities, analysis of public conversions, definition of main metrics, forms and consequences of social changes, which are taking place in Ukraine on the junction of millennia.

  • Palpitant Research

    Priority topics of scientific research in the Institute are, among others: specifics of social status stratification, trends and mechanisms of social differentiation, dynamics of the population's social well-being, social conditions of market economy formation, factors of individual adaptation under conditions of social crisis, etc.

  • Perennial Programs

    Research of social effects of Chornobyl Disaster and post-Chornobyl social policy, monitoring of public opinion, research of social and political attitudes and orientations of various population segments, social and psychological factors of stabilization and integration of Ukrainian society.

Operativeness and validity of sociological data are ensured by the neoteric methodics of gathering, processing, and analysis of sociological information using modern software and hardware. Sociological Information Data Bank is maintained by the Institute which meets international standards and allows to overcome fragmentation of the existing knowledge of social processes in Ukraine, and also conduct comparative analysis of already collected and expected results of empirical sociological research.

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The Institute has 8 sectoral departments within its structure.

Department of Economic Sociology

The principal research topics of the Department are: analysis of entrepreneurial activity and social mechanisms of privatization in Ukraine; research on various types of socio-economic behavior in different segments of the population; study of quality of life and the economic culture of Ukraine population.

Department of History and Theory of Sociology

The field of research activities of the Department involves the studies on theory, history and methodology of sociology, on phenomenology and the sociology of life-world, as well as the studies of rural sociology and of social aspects of agrarian reform in Ukraine.

Department of the Methodology and Methods of Sociology

The Department’s research interests are focused on the following aspects: study of the methodological bases for monitoring surveys at the regional, national and international levels; development of the theoretical and methodological principles for research of the present-day social phenomena; study of the methodological principles for realization of comparative studies; validation of measurement scales used in sociological studies; adaptation of existing measuring instruments and development of the new ones for public opinion surveys in a transforming society.

Department of Social and Political Processes

The Department does research on the problems of Ukraine's political system, the formation of the political culture of the population, characteristics of citizen's behavior during the elections, the development of democracy.

Department of Social Expertise

The main research directions are: to develop a concept of social indicator system; to develop a concept of independent expert board as an institution of civil society; concept approaches to social policy development in Ukraine; social after-effects of the Chernobyl accident.

Department of Social Psychology

Primary research Projects Conducted by the Department: marginalization under Conditions of Transition Society, and Its Social-Psychological and Culturological Aspects; Millennium Boarder as Social and Psychological Phenomenon (Images of New Possibilities in the Mass Consciousness); New Image and Symbol Space in Individual's and Mass Consciousness of Ukrainian Population; nNew Area of Individual's Life under Conditions of Global Changes.

Department of Social Structures

The Department of Social Structures specializes at: complex research of specifics of social and status stratification under conditions of establishment of market economy; modern trends of social mobility in Ukrainian society; status and professional identities; population migration problems.

Department of Sociology of Culture and Mass Communications

The Department focuses at comprehensive research of social and cultural development, using quantitative and qualitative analysis of sociological data. Personal involvement into culture is researched through demographic and status features in accordance with values and meanings as well as subcultural segmentation of the population, cultural identities and media consumption typologies, social and cultural dynamics of the last decades. The Department carries over the extra-curricular researches aimed at the values domain, modern media, communication and cultural practices, cooperates with cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations, represents its research results through mass media.

Yevghen Golovakha


Ukrainian society is changing – WE ARE WORSE OFF, BUT WE ARE GETTING STRONGER!

Serhii Dembitskyi

Deputy Director

Before the war, there was massive social and political negativism in Ukrainian society, both towards the government and our own country. But when Russia began a full-scale invasion, attitute towards the country improved significantly.

Olexander Reznik

Head of the Section of Social and Political Processes

The poll results show greater support for the democratic regime and the decrease of support of authoritarianis. But this optimism is rather tentative than final.


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Scientists of the Institute published quite a few textbooks, monographs, manuals for students, public officials, practicing sociologists.

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Yevhen Ivanovych Golovakha


Ihor Volodymyrovych Burov

Deputy Director on General Affairs

Serhii Serhiyovych Dembitskyi

Deputy Director on Scientific Affairs

Iryna Vyacheslavivna Marinych

Scientific Secretary

Olena Henadiivna Zlobina

Head of Department of Social Psychology

Nataliia Viktorivna Kostenko

Head of Department of Sociology of Culture and Mass Communications

Gulbarshyn Iskakivna Chepurko

Head of Department of Social Expertise

Volodymyr Stanislavovych Reznik

Head of Department of History and Theory of Sociology

Oleksandr Stanislavovych Reznik

Head of Department of Social and Political Processes

Viktoriya Vitaliivna Smakota

Head of Department of Economic Sociology

Olena Volodymyrivna Simonchuk

Acting Head of Department of Social Structures


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