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Department of Social Psychology

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Department of Social Psychology
The department is one of the biggest in the Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine. It has worked for over 30 years. It started from the Institute of Philosophy of the NAS of Ukraine. The department was the one of those which formed the Institute of Sociology. Since its very beginning, the department was supervised by L.V.Sokhan, Member-Correspondent of the NAS of Ukraine. The main research directions have been social and psychological aspects of social events with an individual being the centre of attention. The past decades of work resulted in a wide range of scientific research and numerous individual and collective monographs.

Primary scientific interests and research topics:

Marginalization under Conditions of Transition Society; Social-Psychological and Culturological Aspects; Millennium Boarder as Social and Psychological Phenomenon (Images of New Possibilities in the Mass Consciousness); New Image and Symbol Space in Individual's and Mass Consciousness of Ukrainian Population; New Area of Individual's Life under Conditions of Global Changes; Traditions and Innovations in Social Priorities of Population of Ukraine: Social-Temporal and Social-Spatial Measuring; The Change of Lifestyles Population of Ukraine under Influencing of Social-Culture Determinants; Mass Emotional States at The Situation of Actual Social-Political Choice; Social Interests in The Dynamics of Intergroup and Interpersonality Interactions.

Scientific staff of the department: